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A reputation for quality & success
Mainline Baits' reputation for quality & success needs no further introduction, other than your success is our success! We do not blindly introduce new products to the angler until they have been thoroughly tested by our field-testing teams. As ever the carp world grape vine is well aware of a new product well before its introduction, take the "Activ-8" for example, hauling big time everywhere it was tested well before its release to the public.

The Mainline concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait and the carp a valuable food source, ensures that our baits also stand test of time when used on any water. Repeat captures on the same bait are normal, the carp just can't get enough summer or winter makes little difference; just keep the bait going in.

The quality of our baits and additives has also been responsible for improved growth rates of carp, so we now catch more and also bigger fish. Take the "Dream Lake" for instance where Mainline Baits have been responsible for such rapid growth rates. Home or abroad the baits are treated and eaten as a vital food source rather than with suspicion like other baits. You only have to scan through the pages of 'Carp Talk' to see how effective they are.

All of our products are extensively field-tested by top anglers both at home and in Europe. The feedback is vital to our research into carp baits, and as our horizons broaden each year we are always one step ahead of the competitors because of our attitude and commitment to long-term bait development. We feel as anglers become more discerning about the bait they use, this Product Profile will be an invaluable aid to choosing carp catching products to meet your every need. Mainline Field Testers...

Customer Care
No matter how big Mainline get we always remember that the customer is the most important part of our business. If you have any queries concerning our products, recipes or availability in your area don't hesitate to contact us at the Mainline address. No matter how big or small your problem we will always try at best to solve it for you.

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